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Why does your company need a Year-End Function?

With a little over 100 days to go until Christmas 2019, the year is rushing by at an alarming rate… While South Africans are enjoying the return of the warm spring and summer days, this is a stark reminder that the December holidays are not far out of sight.

While Christmas and New Years are exciting times for most people; but for employers and managers can feel a bit of dread about this time of year… Not only because of the wrapping up of a busy business year, but also the pent-up tension of employees excited to take a much-needed break away from work.

  1. Your Team has earned it!

The core of your business, and the bedrock of your success; Your team have been grafting hard and putting in the long yards since January. They have earned a break – and a party!

2. Keeping your Team motivated!

A Year-End Function can feel like a light at the end of the tunnel for demoralized employees, and an exciting target for those who are still running strong. A target is always a good motivator for teams.

3. Developing a balanced, enjoyable work culture.

An important pursuit for many modern employees is to be a part of a vibrant, balanced working culture. Salaries are always negotiable, and responsibilities can be added or removed, but a great culture is not easy to find. Year-End Functions and Team events are a good indicator of strong work culture.

Culture. Culture. Culture is the new Location. Location. Location

4. Bonding Time for your Team.

As much as employers may sometimes wish their team were robotically efficient… They are not robots. They are humans, who thrive on interpersonal relationships and community! Year-End functions create a low-pressure environment for teammates to let their guard down and get to know each other as people; not just colleagues.

5. Improved Morale and Excitement for the New Year!

The Year-End Function is a time to celebrate the year passed, and reflect on the ups and downs along the way. Of course, after the Year End Function, all eyes start to shift to the New Year – to the Fresh challenges and new opportunities that lie ahead. A Year-End function is an ideal time to send your team off for the year, but also to prime them for the year ahead!

There are plenty of reasons to have a Year-End function, and NOW is the time to get your planning started. Themes, invites, RSVPs… There is a lot to do!

Thinking about catering? Drinks? Venue? We can manage that!

The Venue at Midrand can help you build the perfect event to suit your team, and your budget – Contact us today and let’s get planning.

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