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Yearend Functions 2018

A theme is the perfect way to give structure and character to your function.

This year we are focusing on the Carnival Theme hosted in our perfectly suited Tent Venue .

Download our free templates below to assist you with your planning:

Carnival Theme Budget 

Yearend Function Checklist

As an employer you want to show gratitude, celebrate success and connect with your employees.

For the employees however, the yearend function is normally an indication that the holidays are about to begin soon and they just want to relax, forget about work, let their hair down and socialize away from the usual environment in which they normally interact.

It is ideal to have your yearend function away from the normal place of business, but make sure to have the following boxes ticked before deciding on a venue.

  • Centrally located
  • Affordable
  • Disabled access & facilities
  • Close to public transport node
  • Safe Parking
  • Weather considerations – Plan B if open air venue

Firstly gather volunteers… Gather as many team members as you can as you will need a variety of different skills.

You need at least one volunteer to find a suitable venue and prepare a thorough budget, one to organize the catering, one to make invitations and welcome the guests and a couple more to clean up afterwards.

DEFINITELY not the way you want to thank your loyal employees for their dedication and hard work throughout the year, rather phone us on 082 909 5077 because “Your function is our passion” and we will make sure that even you can relax and enjoy your yearend function for once this year.

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