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Creating a base for people to reach their potential

A Venue is much more than a room for hire – it’s a platform and environment which is foundational to learning and training.

Abraham Maslow, in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation,” pointed out a structure of needs which has become a reference point for decades. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is used to measure how people are motivated to take part in certain initiatives or activities, based on the needs which that activity addresses.

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Like any good structure, the foundation is critical – and we build upwards from there. Maslow’s theory follows that, in order for motivation to occur at the next higher level, each level from the base must be satisfied within the individual themselves. The peak of this process is the arrival at self-actualization; explained by Abraham Maslow as “the full realization of one’s potential.”

Maslow meets Midrand

The Venue at Midrand – as a regular host to several training courses, conferences, and skills development sessions – understands the importance of creating the foundation for people to realise their potential.

Our role as a venue and as a host is far more important than simply providing a space; we cover the foundations, and create productive, focused environments for teams and trainers alike. We cover all the bases, to ensure that the professional trainers and teams of people who make use of our facilities have the ideal launch-pad for learning and collaboration.

The Venue at Midrand boasts a range of rooms and halls, which can host groups from 4 to 240 people at a time. Each venue can be further tailored with seating arrangements and configurations which suit your needs.

Level 1: Physiological

Then, man cannot train on a venue alone… We offer a variety of catering packages to suit your appetite and your budget. From tea & coffee (a standard with all of our venues,) to snacks, sandwiches and buffets – accommodating all dietary requirements along the way!

Level 2: Safety & Security

We also offer secure parking facilities on site, which is taken care of by our security team at The Venue. For those not travelling in their own vehicles, we are conveniently located within 5km of the Gautrain Midrand Station – a short bus trip or Uber ride away from us.

We are passionate about seeing people improve, and our Venue is proud to host excellent training, education and skills development events in our various facilities. It is also why we are passionate about delivering value, flexibility and the highest levels of service to all of our clients.

Level 3 and Beyond…

We imagine that Abraham Maslow might agree; we have the first 2 tiers of the pyramid covered – Physiological and Safety. The next steps then, are up to our trainers and teams – to continue from that foundation, and help propel one another to realizing their full potential.

The Venue at Midrand: We are creating a base for people to reach their potential!

Want to know more about our facilities and prices? Contact us, or leave a message on our website and we will call you back!

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