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We are Prepared for Safe Operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As South Africa slowly emerges from Level 5 Lockdown, there is an understanding that the way we live, learn and work has changed forever. The Venue at Midrand sees a critical role for us to play in this process, as we prepare and maintain our venues as excellent and safe spaces for our clients.

We are implementing all necessary procedures for safe operation, as outlined by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation’s “STATEMENT ON THE MEASURES TO PHASEOUT THE LOCKDOWN AND PHASING IN OF PSET STRATEGIC FUNCTIONS”. We are assisting our trainers, visitors and PSET Institutions to take all the Department mandated precautions and measures to ensure the safety and protection of all on our premises:

  • We have procured the required cleaning materials and relevant protective gear for the cleaning staff and others that might require it in the execution of their duties.
  • Procurement and use of equipment for screening purposes of both students and staff;
  • Frequent deep cleaning of our venues, ablutions and communal areas.
  • Reorganized seating arrangements in venues to allow for social distancing among students and between students and lecturers; as well as
  • Developing implementable guidelines on managing the screening of lecturers, students and other employees, which is further outlined later in this document.

We are implementing best-practice health and safety procedures at all of our venues, ensuring that all of our visitors are considered and cared for. On top of this, we hope that these processes and procedures will inspire our visitors and colleagues to follow suit; balancing their urgent needs of returning to work with the mandate we all share to reduce transmissions of the Covid-19 virus.



  1. Upon arrival at the Entrance Gate, the attendee must wear a mask. Attendees will only be allowed in, if their names are on the Visitors register for the day
  2. If the Attendee’s name is not on the list, The Venue will contact the training Provider to verify the name of the Attendee.
  3. If the Attendee’s name is on the list, but he/she is not wearing a mask, one will be provided by The Venue.
  4. Once on the Premises, a general screening will be done. First, the attendee will sanitize their hands and then be tested for any high fever. The Venue has procured the necessary equipment to conduct these tests. In the case that an attendee shows signs of fever above normal ranges, they will be denied access to our property and requested to immediately seek out Covid-19 testing.
  5. The training venue is properly sterilized, including tables and chairs approximately 30 minutes before the first session of each day.
  6. The Venue has arranged with all training providers to sanitize their learning material before arrival at The Venue.
  7. Upon entering or leaving their venue, all attendees will be required to sanitize their hands.
  8. All classes will start with a 5-minute induction, which will cover our health and safety guidelines, as well as our house rules.
  9. All coffee, tea and meals provided will be presented with the utmost care to ensure the limitation of any possible contamination.
  10. No cutlery or crockery will be hand-washed. Rather, The Venue only makes use of dishwashers which clean at temperatures above 60*C to ensure all bacteria and contaminants are eliminated.
  11. All door handles and toilets are sprayed between 8 to 12 times a day, at regular intervals, with our 70%+ alcohol sanitizers.
  12. Recommended hand sanitizers (minimum of 70% alcohol) are provided at the entrance of each venue.
  13. The maximum prescribed number of attendees will not be exceeded. Only 1 person will be allowed per table. If in cinema format, there will be at least 1,5 meters between chairs.
  14. Learners must wear their masks at all times. If the whole class agree to the removal of the masks while seated, it can be done. Once the learner leaves its seated position, the mask must be worn.
  15. At Coffee or Lunch time, all learners will have the option to use gloves whilst dishing-up or helping themselves with Coffee/Tea.
  16. All learners will eat or drink at their own table.
  17. If the Learners stand outside or are having a smoke break, they will be expected to maintain social distance of at least 1.5m.

Should you have any questions, queries or requests, please feel free to contact myself and my team. We look forward to assisting you, and eagerly look forward to hosting you at our Venue!

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