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4 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Training Venue

Training Venue

Here at The Venue at Midrand, we understand that finding and selecting the perfect training venue is not as easy as it looks. We recognize the importance that getting a good result from hosting a training can’t be understated.

We want you to get the most out of any of the training courses that you deliver and we know that the training facility can make a positive difference to your workshop outcomes. That is why we have put together a basic list of questions to ask when selecting a training venue.

1. Location?

A key factor in finding a great training venue is the location. Make sure the training venue you select is conveniently located and easily accessible for the audience that is being trained. This includes public transport routes and parking spaces.

2. Space?

When deciding what size venue you need, ensure that the training venue must be large enough to easily accommodate the required number of attendees. Also make sure that the space between attendees isn’t too cramped to allow for a spacious feel to the room.

3. Environment?

The temperature of the room is a key factor in the success of a training program. If the training room is too hot or too cold, it will affect the attendee’s ability to focus. Determine first if the room temperature can be controlled from within the room.

As with temperature, attendees will respond differently to the lighting in the training venue. This option should also be able to be controlled from within the room.

For furniture, if tables are required for the training, ensure that they can be easily arranged for different room layouts that are conductive to a great learning experience. The furniture should be durable, good quality and comfortable for each individual attendee.

4. Technology?

With technology, make sure that the training venue allows the trainer to work without any challenges. If projectors or computers are needed, make sure that there is space for this and ample electrical points to be available.

In short, the perfect training Venue must offer lots of choice to suit the varying needs of their training courses – this can also be the choice in the menu options, room layouts. Look out for more upcoming blog posts on what to look for in a training venue.

For questions or to book your perfect training event with The Venue at Midrand, and allow us to provide you with the best training venue, according to your training needs, contact us today.

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